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Who are we?

Hi there! We are the largest Polish service of shared rides. You can add a ride offer and find passengers to reduce travelling costs or find a free seat in a car going in your direction. Carpooling is about sharing rides and costs of travelling, you let others grab seats in your car to get the place they want, and you reduce your expences. It is also known as e-hitchhiking, car-sharing or alternative passenger transport. Whatever you call it, is the best way to travel cheaply and in a friendly atmosphere. Find passengers and discover this fun yourself!

The idea of was created was created as an answer to fast growing volume of traffic on the roads and contantly high fuel prices. Every day you can notice housands of almost empty cars, sadly with just a driver. Seats sesignated for passengers are simply empty. What if they took seats in your car and went with you in the same direction? This is what carpooling is about! Sharing-rides is not only a cheap alternative of travelling, but also a good way of saving money and caring for the environment. Commuting in larger groups inhances the comfort traffic and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, you meet interesting people, and time just flies faster in a good company.

What makes us unique?

Not only drivers but also passengers can publish their rides. Their offers are searched concerning the entire length of the route, and not just the distance from point A to point B. In addition, free mobile app will find travelling fellows who are nearby. It tells where the driver is and in what time he or she will be at destination place. Thanks to it arranging the rides can be done spontaneously, even at the last minute. Try for weekend returns home, commuting to work and university, as well as for single or regular rides f.e. on hollidays or for festivals.

AB SA w gronie naszych klientów.

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